Infusing Everyday Life with the Beauty of Japanese Culture
Showcasing the once-in-a-lifetime beauty of flowers and the hospitality of Japanese culture
Instilling the Nadeshiko spirit within you

Japanese traditional culture includes practices such as “Kado” (traditional flower arranging), “Sado”(traditional Tea Ceremony), “Shodo”(traditional Calligraphy), and “Bushido”(the way of the warrior), which are globally admired and a source of national pride. It is believed that embracing these “Do”s (“Do” means “way”, which implies the way towards the master) as part of one's education enhances the unique elegance and spirit of hospitality that characterizes the Japanese. On the other hand, it is true that because there are fewer opportunities to engage with these traditions nowadays, many people find it more challenging to practice the Japanese tradition.

By overcoming the challenges of Japanese culture,
your world will change.

The value gained from “Kado” covers a wide range:
The richness of experiencing the transition of seasons
The ability to express genuine hospitality
A sharpened and enriched set of senses
Mindfulness through confronting the tranquility within you

Though “Kado” may seem like a small gateway, it will surely change the way you perceive the world.

Ikebana: Opening the Door to a New Worldview

Simply experiencing the art of flower arrangement can change your world, but a deeper understanding of the inherent truths common in Japanese culture, which is also a fundamental core element of Ikebana, greatly enriches this experience.

Therefore, at SAKURA・MAI, we aim to lead you to a new worldview by providing an understanding of the background that has shaped Japanese culture, encompassing Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Bushido, Buddhism, Shinto, and Onmyodo, and offering you the education and refinement that begins with Ikebana.

Bringing to you an encounter with Japanese culture

Passing on Japanese Culture to the World and Future Generations

Ikebana Artist - Aiko Nobe -

Since childhood, I have been continuously interested in foreign cultures. During my time at university, I studied abroad in the UK, where I witnessed firsthand the depth and global recognition of Japanese culture.

Feeling strongly that I should know more about my own culture as a Japanese, I began studying Ikebana under the Sogetsu school upon returning to Japan, seeking guidance from the headmaster.

As I deepened my understanding of Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, and Bushido, I became increasingly aware of the profound beauty and depth of Japanese culture.

There is a richness in Japanese culture that modern people have stopped appreciating.

I also feel a sense of urgency that this beautiful culture must be passed on, both in Japan and around the world.

I would be honored to share with you the immeasurable richness that can be gained from Ikebana.

Ikebana Artist Aiko Nobe
Born in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Japan Women's University, Faculty of Human Sciences and Design, Department of Social and Family Economy.
During her university years, she studied abroad in the UK, where she rediscovered the depth of Japanese culture. After returning to Japan, she joined the Sogetsu school of Ikebana. Despite initially working in an apparel company after graduation, she could not give up her passion for flowers, leading her to switch careers and enter the floral industry in Tokyo.
In 2009, she undertook a year of floral training in Paris, France, studying under Parisian florist Yannick Suznjevand earning the Grand Diplôme d’Art Floral. Since 2010, she has been leading her own flower lessons and corporate Ikebana classes, as well as creating bouquets and arrangements, event floral decorations, store decorations, and installations. She also conducts lessons and workshops both in Japan and overseas.
Nobe has a record of conducting Ikebana workshops at prestigious institutions such as Peking University, UN-related agencies in New York, and colleges in Manila. For a decade, she also provided Ikebana-based personnel training for a major listed company.
As an Ikebana artist, she conveys the spirit of traditional Japanese aesthetics while exquisitely fusing European and Japanese traditional beauty. She proposes expressions through flowers and plants from a new perspective that combines these cultures. Nobe is also active as a designer. She is a licensed master in the Sogetsu school of Ikebana.


  • いけばなお稽古風景 恵林寺にて
  • 世田谷スタジオ教室風景
  • 参加者様の作品 クリスマススワッグ
  • 祭壇
  • パーティー装花
  • 画廊お迎え花
  • 画廊お迎え花
  • コンファレンス装花
  • 枯れ枝 孔雀ヒバ
  • 山帰来 ソテツの実
  • 桜 雲竜柳 ゴム風船