Aiko Nobe – Japanese Floral Artist & Designer


Since 2010, Aiko Nobe has been leading her own flower lessons, corporate ikebana classes, as well as creating bouquets and arrangements, event floral decorations, store decor, installations, and conducting lessons and workshops both domestically and internationally. One of her notable experiences include conducting ikebana workshops at institutions such as Peking University, organizations related to the UN in New York, and colleges in Manila. She also has a decade of experience in personnel training through ikebana at a major listed company.
As a Kado (Japanese flower arrangement) artist, she is active in proposing expressions through flowers and plants, conveying the spirit of traditional Japan while exquisitely fusing traditional aesthetic senses of Europe with those of Japan to form new values. She is also active as a designer.

Media Appearances

Main Activities

Annually from 2011:
Exhibitor at the Ikebana Sogetsu-ryu Exhibition (at Nihonbashi Takashimaya).
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2010 to 2021:
Responsible for ikebana talent development training at a major listed food and beverage company.
May 2011:
Conducted a demonstration and ikebana workshop at Peking University, Beijing.
March & July 2012:
Planned and hosted a demonstration and ikebana workshop at Enderun Colleges, Manila.
2012 & 2013:
Participant in the group installation "Tulip Fantasia" (at Marunouchi Bldg.).
2012 to 2014:
Workshop organizer at the Miele Omotesando Showroom.
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2012 & 2013:
Store display at Shibuya Park Avenue Flower Festival.
Participant in a group installation at Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito.
Participant in a group installation at Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park.
Store floral decoration for "Sogetsu's Autumn" at Kashiwa Takashimaya.
2013 to 2017:
Store floral decoration at Ochanomizu WATERRAS.
April 2015:
Participant in a group installation at Yamate Bluff No. 234 , Yokohama.
May 2015:
Hosted a demonstration and ikebana workshop at NYLESA, New York.
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April 2016:
Participant in a group installation at Sogetsu Kaikan.
June 2016 & January 2017:
Floral display at Mizoe Gallery, Denenchofu.
March 2017:
Workshop instructor at Roppongi Hills Residence.
February 2018:
Participant in the Sogetsu-ryu 90th Anniversary event group installation at Sogetsu Kaikan.
April 2018:
Floral production for the first international conference WORKTECH18 Tokyo in Japan.
April 2018 to October 2022:
Permanent floral arrangement at Salon Ikue Yamazaki Ginza Store.
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April 2019:
Stage plant decoration production at WORKTECH19.
December 2019 & 2020:
Workshop instructor for New Year's decorations at KATEIGAHO's culture salon, "Seven Academy".
July 2020:
Floral decoration for the PV of Tambun Project’s theme song "GARDEN".
December 2020:
Production of ikebana video work "Light of Peace, Prayer of Silence ~prayer for peace" in collaboration with pianist Hiroko Miyano.
March 2021:
Ikebana performance collaboration at pianist Hiroko Miyano's Spring concert.
December 2022 & October 2023:
Floral decoration at Tambun Project concert venues.
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September 2023:
Floral decoration at artist Elena's first solo exhibition.
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December 2023:
Received the Audience Award at NEIGHBOR SCHOOL SETAGAYA pitch event.