Ikebana Lessons

For those who want to casually experience ikebana, join our 'Workshops' held each season.
For those who aspire to learn dignified ikebana and grasp the essence, our 'Ikebana School' is the perfect place.
We believe that the true essence of Kado (the way of flowers) lies in 'confronting oneself through plants'.

Ikebana School 'Ai'

〇Recommended for:

Three Courses: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

〇 Objective of the Beginner Course

Open new doors to your potential through Ikebana.
'Polishing the basics of Ikebana and Japanese culture.'
Lessons (¥8,800/session, 90 minutes including lectures + creation of a piece)

  • Experience an encounter with an unknown aspect of yourself through arranging flowers.
  • Recognize your strengths once again through the method of arrangement and the finished piece.
  • Learn how to create beauty and understand the spatial dynamics.
  • Experience the worldview of Ikebana aimed at achieving hospitality.
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〇 Objective of the Intermediate Course

Embrace the elegance of Kado, blending the beautiful expression of your inner self with hospitality.
'Securely owning self-expression and flourishing.'
5Ikebana Lessons (¥80,000 for 5 sessions, 120 minutes each including lectures + creation of a piece)

  • Develop a mindful approach to Ikebana, confronting the inner self and mastering expression through Ikebana.
  • Uncover more of your latent strengths.
  • Master the creation of more beautiful spaces.
  • Learn the art of leisurely movements and timing, embodying elegance.
  • Arrange pieces to create a work that embodies the spirit of hospitality.

〇 Objective of the Advanced Course

Become a person of elegance who can pass on the beauty of Japanese culture to the next generation.
'Develop skills for teaching.'
Advanced Lessons (Annually: ¥800,000 for the first year, ¥600,000 for subsequent years, including lectures + creation of a piece + practical training)

  • Hone the skill of teaching Ikebana to others.
  • Capture the essence of Japanese culture from a global perspective.
  • Understand the 'Way' of Japanese culture and its religious background, and reflect it in Ikebana.
  • Develop the skill to facilitate students in confronting their own selves through Ikebana.

Flower Arrangement & Bouquet

Experience Paris-style flower design lessons taught by instructors who have honed their skills in Paris, France. With SAKURA・MAI's original designs, you can easily arrange popular Paris-style flowers.

Our range includes not only basic flower arrangements but also bouquets, wall decorations, fresh flower wreaths, dried flower wreaths, and corsages, offering designs that make flowers more approachable.

The content is satisfying for both beginners and those who have previously learned and wish to try again. Beginning with the selection of flowers and combination of colors, we provide detailed guidance on basic techniques.

Why not spend a pleasant time being soothed by a variety of flowers?

Process Leading Up to the Start of Lessons


Please contact us by email( or FAX(03-5799-6266)
※FAX Order Sheet: PDF (86KB), Word (167KB):

If you inquire by email, please include the following information:

  • Selection of the lesson venue (Choose between lessons at Setagaya Studio, Marunouchi Studio, or on-site private lessons. Trial lessons will be held at Marunouchi Studio).
    ※Online lessons are in preparation

    A. Lessons at Setagaya Flower Studio

    Located in a quiet residential area, a 5-minutewalk from Odakyu Line's Kyodo Station.
    The studio's address will be individually notified to those who have booked.

    B. Lessons at Marunouchi Studio

    Located a 2 to 3-minute walk away from JR Yurakucho Station and Hibiya Subway Station, in the convenient Marunouchi office area.
    The studio's address will be individually notified to those who have booked.

    C. On-Site Private Lessons

    We can visit any designated location in the Tokyo metropolitan area, such as your home or office meeting room.
    These lessons are ideal as recreational activities in companies or communities, and also offer a relaxed environment for learning at home, making them suitable for those with children or who find it difficult to go out. All necessary materials will be provided by us.
    Please note that the travel cost varies depending on the location and the number of participants, so please inquire for details.

  • Lesson Content(Click here for details
  • Preferred dates and times for the lesson
    (please indicate up to your third preference)
  • Your name and telephone number
Confirmation of Lesson Content & Schedule
As soon as we review your inquiry, the designer will contact you with the details either by email or phone.
We kindly request payment in advance via bank transfer.
If you require a receipt or invoice, please let us know.
On the Day of the Lesson
If you have your own, please bring flower scissors or a florist knife. Those who need it, please bring an apron and writing materials.

Lesson Fee

Trial Lesson
(Limited to one session per person, only at Marunouchi Studio)

Flower Arrangement: ¥6,000

Seasonal Flower Lesson
(One session) - Includes tea and snacks

Flower Arrangement: ¥12,000
Bouquet: ¥11,000

In addition, there are various courses to suit your preferred pace, including 3-session course, 5-session course, 10-session course, and professional courses. These will be explained in more detail during the trial lesson.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons Travel fee for private lessons: From ¥10,000
Please feel free to inquire.