Corporate Training

Human Resource Development Training through Ikebana

Arranging flowers is not only an act of hospitality but also a process of facing oneself through engagement with plants.
In fact, there are many similarities between Ikebana and business.
Realizing this enhances adaptability and fosters team cohesion through a shared creative experience.
Based on over a decade of experience conducting corporate training through Ikebana at listed companies, we have developed a more effective human resource development program.

Why is Ikebana the best choice for developing management skills?

Ikebana involves self-contemplation and expression, naturally fostering the seven essential skills needed for effective management.

Seven Skills Acquired Through Incorporating Ikebana

  1. ① Self-contemplation:→
    ・Unraveling the invisible state of mind from the selected flowers.
    ・Interpreting emotions that arise while facing plants.
  2. ② Creativity:→
    ・Mastering the ability to create from nothing.
    ・Bringing imagined ideas into three-dimensional reality.
  3. ③ Decision-making and Responsibility:→
    ・Polishing decision-making skills while creating Ikebana.
    ・Developing the ability to make significant choices responsibly.
  4. ④ Concentration:→
    ・Entering the zone of intense consternation without conscious thought.
    ・Mastering 'hyper-focus' to produce results.
  5. ⑤ Seeing the Big-picture:→
    ・Developing an overarching perspective to capture the precision of details and the balance of the whole.
  6. ⑥ Associative Thinking:→
    ・Cultivating synaptic connections for associative thinking by creating Ikebana works that are seemingly unrelated to business.

more infomation(PDF)