Custom-Made Flowers

Custom-Made Flower Gifts

Consider sending custom-made flowers for various occasions like celebrations, anniversaries, get-well wishes, or condolences.
SAKURA・MAI's flower gifts are completely bespoke. You can send flowers that are unlike any other in the world to express your thoughts and feelings.
We listen to your requirements, the relationship with the recipient, their image, colors of your choice, and the context in which the flowers will be given, to propose a design that can’t be found anywhere else.
The flowers used are freshly selected and purchased directly from the market by the designer specifically for your gift, allowing them to last longer compared to standard flower gifts.
We deliver flowers that will add color to your precious moments and bring joy to the recipient.

Ordering Process

Orders and Inquiries through Email Form

Please fill out the required fields in our email order form to make an inquiry. We cater to a variety of needs for both individuals and corporate clients.

Ordering Notes

  • Due to sourcing needs, please place your order 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the delivery date.
    Given the bespoke nature of our service, we can only accept a limited number of orders to maintain the quality of each item. Orders are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. During busy periods of the year, it may be difficult to deliver them on your preferred date and time. We would appreciate your understanding.
    For weddings, please contact us at least one month in advance to ensure arrangements can be completed two weeks before the day of the ceremony.
    We recommend placing your order well in advance of the desired date.
  • All products are made to order. We select the best and most suitable flowers for the season, but as flowers are natural and vary individually, we may not be able to prepare them in exactly the same way as shown in the reference photos. We ask for your understanding in advance to this matter.
Confirmation of Order
As soon as we review your inquiry, the designer will contact you either by email or phone. Your order will be confirmed after ensuring your satisfaction with the details discussed.
We kindly request payment in advance via bank transfer.
We can provide invoices and receipts upon request, so please let us know if you need them.
The product will be delivered either by Yamato Transport or directly by the designer.
Upon request, we can send a photograph of the flower gift via email as confirmation of delivery. Please let us know if you wish for this service.


Flower Arrangement: From ¥15,000 for individual customers
From ¥20,000 for corporate clients.
Bouquet:/th> From ¥15,000 for individual customers
From ¥20,000 for corporate clients
Stand Flower: From ¥35,000 (including shipping, limited to Tokyo and nearby areas. Please inquire about delivery areas).
Shipping Fee: Actual cost of Yamato Transport
+ Box fee (from ¥500).
※During certain seasons or to certain delivery areas, we may use cool delivery services.
Delivery Fee:

Depending on the delivery address, a delivery fee (from ¥1,000) may be applied. We would appreciate your understanding.

Free delivery areas are as follows:
Free Delivery Areas: Setagaya-ku, Meguro-ku, Minato-ku, certain parts of Ota-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Shibuya-ku, Nakano-ku, certain parts of Shinjuku-ku, Chuo-ku, Suginami-ku, Komae-shi, certain parts of Chofu-shi, certain parts of Musashino-shi, certain parts of Mitaka-shi, certain parts of Kawasaki-shi in Kanagawa Prefecture.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Prices (Wedding)

Bouquet: From ¥20,000
Boutonniere: From ¥5,000
Headpiece: From ¥5,000
Flower Crown: From ¥10,000
Various Corsages: From ¥5,000
Wristlet: From ¥5,000
Bouquets for Presenting to Parents: From ¥7,000 each"




Grand Arrangement